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Concealed Carry Positions for Women

Concealed Carry Positions for Women

Concealed Carry Positions for Women

In today’s world, personal safety is a paramount concern, regardless of gender. For women, however, the quest for effective self-defense strategies is often accompanied by unique considerations.

Concealed carry is a popular choice, allowing women to maintain their personal security while going about their daily lives. To optimize comfort, accessibility, and effectiveness, choosing the right concealed carry position is crucial.

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In this blog post, we will explore a range of concealed carry positions specifically tailored for women, highlighting their advantages and potential drawbacks.

Choosing the Right Concealed Carry Position for You

Concealed-carry is not a one-size-fits-all situation. The right position will depend on several factors:

  • Comfort: If carrying your firearm is uncomfortable, odds are you are going to opt to leave it at home. No one wants to feel something jabbing or rubbing them wrong all day. The position you choose should be comfortable for long-term wear.
  • Ease of Access: While we hope you never have to use it, there is no point to concealed carry if you are going to struggle to access your firearm.
  • Ability to Conceal: The goal of concealed carry is to keep your firearm fully concealed. It is important to avoid printing, or showing your gun through your clothes. You don’t want to advertise to the world that you are carrying – this could lead to dangerous situations.

Choosing a concealed carry position is a crucial part of being a responsible and effective concealed-carrier. Take time to experiment with different positions at home and note which positions work best for you. You can also practice drawing and shooting at a range. If at first you don’t succeed, keep trying! This is a learning process.

Top Concealed Carry Positions for Women

We’ll start by saying that most concealed carry positions are unisex. There really isn’t a reason you couldn’t carry in any of the concealed carry positions available. The primary reason these positions are preferred by women are:

  • Body Shape: These positions are more comfortable with the added natural curve of the female body.
  • Wardrobe Options: These positions complement the many style options of the female wardrobe, from racerbacks to rompers.
  • Confidence: These positions are natural spots to reach on the body, enhancing confidence in a quick draw.

Now, let’s break down some of the most popular concealed carry positions amongst women:

  1. Appendix Inside-the-Waistband
  2. Strongside Hip Carry
  3. Cross-Body Carry
  4. Belly Band Holster
  5. Ankle Carry
  6. Thigh Carry
  7. Purse or Bag Carry

1. Appendix Inside-the-Waistband (AIWB) AIWB Holster

Appendix carry is a popular method due to its proximity to the body’s natural contours, making it an ideal choice for women who want to carry discreetly. In this position, the firearm is positioned in the front of the body, allowing for quick access and minimal printing (visible outline of the firearm through clothing).

This position works particularly well for women who spend a lot of time sitting, as the firearm remains accessible even when seated.

What are the drawbacks? Depending on your body size and shape, this position could be uncomfortable and cause chafing.

2. Strongside Hip Carry

Outside the Waistband Holster

Side view of Woman Practicing Gun Safety | Attractive female shooter holding handgun against white background.

The Strongside Hip Carry involves carrying the firearm on the strongside (dominant) hip, typically at the 3 o’clock position. This classic concealed carry choice offers both accessibility and comfort.

Women who are used to wearing belts may find this method more familiar and accommodating than others. This position enables easy draw, especially with a quality holster that holds the firearm close to the body.

However, women with curvier figures might experience difficulties with concealment, as the firearm could potentially print or protrude.

3. Cross-Body Carry

Cross-body carry, or shoulder carry, involves wearing the firearm on the opposite side of the body, suspended by a shoulder strap. This method provides excellent concealment, as the firearm hangs naturally against the body, reducing printing. It can be particularly beneficial for women who want to distribute the weight of the firearm and minimize strain on the lower back.

The downside? Cross-body carry requires specific wardrobe choices to ensure the strap is effectively concealed and that the firearm remains secure. Not the best option for strappy sundresses or halter tops.


Belly Band Holster

Designed to cater to the unique needs of female gun owners, these holsters offer a versatile and secure way to carry a firearm. One of the key advantages of belly band holsters for women is their ability to provide a snug and customizable fit, ensuring that the holster stays in place regardless of body type or attire. This adaptability allows women to carry their firearms with confidence, whether they are wearing yoga pants, dresses, or workout gear.

In addition to their versatility, belly band holsters for women often feature multiple compartments for carrying not only a firearm but also spare magazines, keys, and other essentials. This added functionality makes them ideal for everyday carry and offers a practical solution for those who want to have quick access to their self-defense tools.

The main drawback of this position is comfort. During extended periods of wear, it may dig into the skin or cause sweat to accumulate.

5. Ankle Carry

Ankle carry is an unconventional but discreet method, where the firearm is holstered on the inside of the ankle. This method is particularly useful for women who don’t want to alter their clothing choices drastically and prefer to carry a backup firearm.

However, drawing from the ankle can be slower and less intuitive compared to other positions. It’s crucial to select a lightweight firearm and practice drawing techniques to overcome this limitation.

6. Thigh Holster Carry

Thigh holsters, often attached to a garter belt, offer an alternative for women who prioritize style and comfort. This method is especially useful when wearing dresses or skirts, as it provides a concealed carry option without the need for a belt. Thigh carry allows for easy access and less imprinting, but it may require adjustments throughout the day to maintain comfort and concealment.

One of the main drawbacks of this position is access. While the firearm itself is easy to access, there can be hesitancy in lifting up your skirt or dress to grab it.

7. Purse or Bag Carry

While purse carry is not a position on the body, it’s worth mentioning as an option for women who want to carry a larger firearm. Specialized concealed carry purses have dedicated compartments to secure the firearm while allowing quick access. However, purse carry requires a high level of awareness to prevent the purse from being snatched and necessitates consistent practice to swiftly access the firearm under stress.

Concealed Carry and Suppressors: Double the Protection

If you have a suppressor on your pistol, there are some additional considerations you need to take when choosing a concealed-carry position. Due to the added length and weight, not all concealed carry positions will be suitable for a suppressed pistol.

While the positions themselves are compatible, it will be up to you to practice them at home and find the best fit for your comfort.

Now, if you do not have a suppressed pistol –why not?

There is a slew of benefits to suppressing your pistol. Decreased felt recoil, more control, and decreased sound to name a few.

Shoot Confidently and Suppressed – Invest in a Suppressor

Here at Silencer Central, we want you to have every measure of protection possible! Shooting with a suppressor gives you an extra layer of protection. Not only will it protect your hearing, but you will also see improved accuracy and decreased felt recoil, saving your wrist some impact!

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