The 10 Best Hunting Podcasts in 2021

The 10 Best Hunting Podcasts in 2021

The 10 Best Hunting Podcasts in 2021

Podcasts are a great way to learn more about any topic you may be interested in. It’s one of the only media forms left where we are willing to give our attention for long periods of time, which leads to the absorption of more high-quality information than other forms of media can provide.

People enjoy listening to podcasts based on their interests, and if you’re reading this, we would guess that hunting is one of your interests. If so, you’re in luck, because we have a list of the 10 best hunting podcasts in 2021 that you can learn from and be entertained by.

Best Podcast for Archers: NOCK ON PODCAST

Educational archery tips, industry trends, and insights on new archery products — you can expect all of that and more when you listen to the Nock On Podcast. This podcast features great dialogue from a group of archery experts, and there’s so much you can learn about the world of archery every time you press play.

Why it Made Our List

Archery hunters are wired a little bit differently than other hunters, and an entire podcast dedicated to the sport is a dream come true for archers. Their enthusiasm for archery comes out in every episode, and even if you aren’t an archery hunter yourself, there’s plenty you can learn and get excited about when the Nock On Podcast gets going.

Best Podcast for Carnivores: THE MEATEATER PODCAST

No list of hunting podcasts would be complete without The MeatEater Podcast. If you hunt with the intentions of cooking and eating your kill, then this podcast is a must-listen — each episode is an audio journey filled with tales of gamesmanship and deep respect for nature.

Meateater Podcast

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Why it Made Our List

The guests that get brought on this podcast bring unique expertise to each episode, and you’re sure to learn something new every time you listen. It’s as insightful as it is hilarious, and it won’t take long for you to see why this podcast is as popular as it is.

Best Podcast for Deer Hunters: THE WORKING CLASS BOWHUNTER

Ever since the first episode aired in 2015, The Working Class Bowhunter has had one goal for their show: “to create a fun, relaxed, raw and no bull**** type of show that you can learn from, laugh a little bit, and say…finally someone says what we are all thinking!” Now, six years later, they have hit their mark pretty well, as each episode is wildly entertaining.

Why it Made Our List

A hunting podcast can range from highly educational and informational to downright hilarious and surprisingly raw, and while this podcast leans towards the latter, there’s definitely plenty of great things to learn with each episode. Although they’re best known for their talks on whitetail deer hunting, at this point they’ve covered a wide variety of outdoor topics, so no matter what your favorite hunt is, it’s likely that this crew has discussed it!

Best Podcast for the Curious Hunter: THE JOE ROGAN EXPERIENCE

There’s no way that we could bring up a list of hunting podcasts and not mention The Joe Rogan Experience. Rogan’s show is a zenith of influence, and although the topics range from hunting to psychedelics to comedy to cage fights (and pretty much everything in between), the “King of Conversation” has a passion for hunting and the outdoors that many hunters can relate to.

Why it Made Our List

If you’re looking strictly for hunting podcasts, you’ll only want to listen when Rogan has certain guests on, such as Cameron Hanes, Doug Duren, or Ted Nugent. However, if you’re interested in learning a little bit more about the world, then any other episode is chock-full of valuable information that you can absorb. No topic is off-limits on this show, and you’re guaranteed to be left with an idea that will have you thinking for days to come.

Best Podcast for the Hunter Who Brings Their Camera: THE REDNECK TECH PODCAST

Are you a hunter who cares just as much about getting a great shot with your camera as you do with your gun? If so, then the Redneck Tech Podcast is for you — and if you’re not, a few episodes may have you changing your mind. This podcast is a dream listen for anyone who is interested in wildlife photography and videography, and even if that isn’t you, the passion that the Redneck Tech team has for their work is enough to make anyone excited about it.

Redneck Tech Podcast

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Why it Made Our List

If you’re a fan of hunting TV shows, you may have asked yourself “How did they manage to get that shot?” The Redneck Tech answers questions like that and so much more. It’s a completely fresh perspective on the great outdoors, and the tales of their journeys will have any hunter feeling excited.

Best Podcast for Strategists: WIRED TO HUNT

Do you view hunting as a chess match between you and the wildlife? Are you constantly strategizing and coming up with new tactics in order to better your odds in the field? Wired to Hunt is a podcast based on the strategic element of hunting. The show is regularly discussing tricks, techniques, and tactics that any hunter can apply to become just a little bit smarter.

Why it Made Our List

Wired to Hunt is a part of the MeatEater Podcast Network, which means that you can be assured that it’s a quality production each and every week. The guests that the show has on each bring their own unique perspective and expertise to the respective episode, which gives hunters plenty of opportunities to learn. If the “Xs and Os” of hunting fascinate you, you’ll have to check this show out.

Best Podcast for Questions and Answers: THE 100% WILD PODCAST

There are a ton of different questions in the world of hunting — and hosts Matt Drury and Tim Kjellesvik are out to find the answers. In each episode, these two hosts answer one question that has been submitted by the fans. These may seem simple, but these questions oftentimes have complex answers, which can spurn an entire conversation filled with humor, insights, and more.

Why it Made Our List

No matter how experienced a hunter you may be, everyone has questions. The fact that you can submit a question to this show and have the chance for it to become the theme for an entire episode is something that not a lot of podcasts feature. When you’re listening to episodes, you realize that there are some questions that you didn’t even think to ask yourself. It’s a great hunting podcast for broadening your knowledge horizons.


Although there hasn’t been a new episode of this show posted in the past few years, there are still plenty of episodes that are worth going back to listen to. Host Shane Mahoney does a deep dive into some of the pressing issues of wildlife conversation, such as trophy hunting, pollinators, poachers, hunting’s relationship with the modern world, and even Theodore Roosevelt. Anyone who has respect for the natural world can find something to latch onto with this show.

Why it Made Our List

Hunting and wildlife conservation go hand-in-hand, and as hunters, it’s important to remind ourselves of the responsibility that we have as hunters to preserve the outdoors for generations to come. The Conservation Matters podcast is a great way to be presented with topics that you may not always think about — but are guaranteed to be pondering days later.


The description of the Keep Hammering podcast is simple, yet powerful. Host Cameron Hanes is “a bowhunting athlete, training intensively each and every day to become the Ultimate Predator.” If that description doesn’t get you excited about this show, we don’t know what will.

Keep Hammering Podcast

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Why it Made Our List

Like Conservation Matters, there hasn’t been a new episode of this podcast in quite some time. However, in the few episodes that have been posted, there is plenty to take from it. Not only is Cameron Hanes an excellent bowhunter, but he’s also an extreme athlete, and his discussions about mindset, toughness, and strength are important for anyone to hear.

Best Podcast for Studying Deer: DEER UNIVERSITY PODCAST

Let’s face it — deer are a peculiar species of animal. For as present as they are in our lives, there is so much that we don’t know about them. Thankfully, the Deer University Podcast is here to help us paint a better picture of what these creatures really are. It’s a highly educational podcast that focuses entirely on the science of deer — from biology to ecology to species management and more.

Why it Made Our List

As a hunter, you may think you know a lot about deer. However, there is always something to be learned about deer, and hunters can utilize all the information they can possibly absorb and use it to their advantage. The different guests brought on each provide their own insights into the world of deer, and if you listen carefully, you’ll find helpful information that you can use on your next hunt.

Level-Up Your Hunting This Season

With all the knowledge that you can gain from these hunting podcasts, you can put yourself in a better position for a successful hunt once your season of choice comes around. Do your tools of the trade need to be tuned up as well? Come on down to Silencer Central — our team can help you fine-tune your gun, set it up with a suppressor, and talk shop with you so that you can be prepared for your hunt this year. Contact us today!