Elite Iron Alpha .50 BMG




Elite Iron Alpha .50 BMG

The Elite Iron Alpha is 14” long, 2” in diameter, and weighs 4 lbs 2 oz. There are two thread pitches available- 1 x 14 or 7/8 x 14.  Made for bolt action, non-semi automatic 50 BMG rifles.

This suppressor is not suitable for the Barrett semi-auto M82A1, M107, or M107A1. The AR50 uses the factory brake collar to attach and time this suppressor. For light weight .50cal rifles (such as the Barrett 99), user will feel a slight increase in felt recoil. .50cal suppressor can be used on the EDM ARMS M96 408cal.

For .50 caliber bolt action rifles and depending upon an individual shooter’s experience, perceived recoil for suppressors is slightly more than with a muzzle brake. The actual visual of the flash signature from a suppressor at 50 yards and forward of the muzzle at a 45° angle is approximately the same as the striking of a BIC lighter.

Thread: 1×14 or 7/8×14

Both the shooter and observer will be please with the sound reduction when the Alpha suppressor is in use. However, the sound you will be hearing is still above the safe hearing threshold. It is highly recommended that some type of hearing protection is used when firing the weapon.
Users frequently complain about a change of the point of impact between a rifle with and without a sound suppressor installed. This is most often a function of the inherent stiffness of the rifle’s barrel, not the sound suppressor. We offer the service or will instruct the customer in how to time out the suppressor to the weapon. This procedure will minimize the change of windage point of impact.

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