5 Tactical Blogs to Start Following in 2024

5 Tactical Blogs to Start Following in 2024

5 Tactical Blogs to Start Following in 2024

Thanks to the internet, you can pick up your phone and learn all kinds of things about guns and ammo, home and self-defense, shooting drills, tactical gear, and more. Unfortunately, not every website that promises valuable and reliable information about firearms and living the tactical life lives up to its claims.

Have you had trouble finding trustworthy and entertaining tactical blogs? If so, that ends today. We’ve scoured the internet and selected the top five tactical blogs that offer engaging, relevant, and current information to help gun lovers like you expand their firearm and tactical knowledge. Here are the blogs that made our list:

1. Imminent Threat Solutions

Imminent Threat Solutions is a professional-looking website created by Bryan Black, a retired navy officer. The website provides tactical knowledge geared towards helping readers acquire the skills needed to overcome expected and unexpected threats in an ever-changing environment.

Content on the website covers everything from tactical gear reviews and recommendations to how to stay safe and build tactical skills. If you are adventurous, you will love the blog’s many how-to guides on safely tackling outdoor adventures. You will also find fitness tips to help you stay strong and alert and medical tips that can help you stay alive in various scenarios.

Why It’s On Our List

We love that Imminent Threat Solutions shares highly researched content without confusing readers with technical lingo. The survival tips shared by the blog are particularly valuable because you never know when you will need that knowledge to save your life or someone else’s.

Since the website has blog posts, podcasts, and video content, you can get the information you need in the format you enjoy the most. Also, the Imminent Threat Solutions team constantly updates the website, so you always have something new and intriguing to see.

2. Pew Pew Tactical

Pew Pew Tactical is one of the most enjoyable tactical blogs out there. The website is a mecca for gun enthusiasts looking for easy-to-understand information that can help them better understand firearms and tactical gear, including how to buy, use, upgrade, and maintain them. The site even has a Gun Deals of the Day section that showcases the best gun gear and ammo bargains on the internet.

The team behind the blog might not take itself too seriously, but they stay committed to providing insightful and well-researched information to their readers. However, since the Pew Pew Tactical team has no military, law enforcement, or combat experience, do not expect to find real-world combat tactics or similar information on the site.

Why It’s On Our List

The best thing about Pew Pew Tactical is it has a team of experts regularly shooting guns and testing ammo to provide readers with honest and useful feedback. The website does not recommend weapons or gear it has not tried and enjoyed.

Also, the blog typically accompanies its articles with images and videos that help readers visualize and understand the topic better. Even better are the jokes and memes Pew Pew Tactical randomly slides into its content to drive home a point.

3. Gun University

Gun University is just what it sounds like – a university where you can learn everything about guns. However, unlike a typical college, Gun University is online and free to attend. The tactical blog covers the topics gun lovers want to learn about, such as gun reviews, gun laws, and the latest firearm news.

The website also covers concealed carry insurance laws and policies and how to get a Federal Firearms License. If you need help finding accessories to improve the performance of your firearm, the website covers that too.

Why It’s On Our List

Behind Gun University are pros who have served as firearms attorneys, university lecturers, international arms dealers, Navy officers, and special operations snipers. With such qualifications, you can be 100% sure that any information shared on the site is genuine and accurate.

Another thing to love about the Gun University website is its Gun and Gear Giveaways page. The page contains a frequently updated list of links to websites running ammo, firearm, and gun accessory giveaways. Winners can end up with prizes worth up to $25,000.


4. Ammo Land

Ammo Land is an online newspaper for lovers of guns, the Second Amendment, and competitive shooting. The website’s team finds the latest, juiciest, and most relevant news regarding gun use and ownership in the U.S. and serves it to you while it’s hot.

If you are a fan of competitive shooting, you can find on the site updates about upcoming competitions you can attend to participate in or spectate. Besides gun lovers, Ammo Land caters to archers with news about the latest archery gear, competitions, and deals.

Why It’s On Our List

If you want to stay updated on everything relevant happening in the gun and shooting world, you should visit Ammo Land. The website even provides updates about the latest tactical gear deals.

Also, the comments section under each article is engaging and excellent for meeting and conversing with like-minded individuals. If you don’t want to miss an update on Ammo Land, you only need to sign up for the newsletter to receive the news in your inbox.

5. AR Build Junkie

We can’t blame you if you love ARs as much as we do. The gun is beautiful and shoots like a dream, but you can make an AR even better. How? AR Build Junkie answers this question with various blog posts on building, upgrading, and customizing ARs.

In addition to AR-15s, the website is full of articles about building and upgrading other rifle types and shares cardinal gun-building mistakes to avoid. You can also find on the website guides for buying AR-15 ammo, accessories, and components that can boost your shooting experience.

Why It’s On Our List

AR Build Junkie offers fascinating information that gun lovers can use to improve the performance and appearance of their assault rifles. The site gives easy-to-follow instructions provided by experts, and you can find deals on top-shelf accessories needed to complete an AR build. We also like the AR Build Junkie forum, where users congregate to discuss their experiences and insights gained from building AR-15s.

Improve Your Tactical Performance

All the tactical blogs we mentioned offer something different, but if you want one blog that offers everything, you cannot go wrong with the Shoot On Mute BLOG. Our blog covers everything you should know as a gun owner, including gun usage, care, laws, and upgrades. You will also find tips about ammo, firearm accessories, and how to improve your tactical skills and preparedness.

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