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Our Picks for the Best Buck Mark Suppressors 2024

Our Picks for the Best Buck Mark Suppressors 2024

Our Picks for the Best Buck Mark Suppressors 2024

Rimfire cartridges and suppressors are a match made in heaven. There’s nothing quite so sweet as hearing how little sound is generated by a suppressed .22 – especially if it’s subsonic.

One of the best ways to experience this is by pairing a suppressor with a Browning Buck Mark semi-automatic pistol. Whether you already own the pistol or you’re looking for the right combination, we’ll go over everything you need to know about both the Browning Buck Mark pistol and the best suppressors to pair with it.
Here’s what we’re going to cover:

The Browning Buck Mark Pistol

Introduced in 1985, the Browning Buck Mark replaced the earlier Challenger pistol. Every Buck Mark starts out as a solid piece of aircraft-grade 7075 aluminum alloy and then is CNC machined to exacting tolerances – much like what you find with a high-quality suppressor.

There are a wide variety of Buck Mark pistols available to choose from, and a great many of them come “suppressor ready” from the factory. That means that they’ve already got a threaded barrel onto which you attach the suppressor of your choice.

Is It Worth Buying a Buck Mark Suppressor?

To put it simply, yes, it’s worth buying a suppressor to use with your Browning Buck Mark pistol. With its straight-blowback operation, the gun runs easily with a suppressor on it.

Most importantly, though, is understanding that any of the suppressors on this list can be used with a variety of other firearms chambered for the same .22LR cartridge as the Buck Mark is. So you’re not just buying a suppressor that can only be used with one gun. You can use your Buck Mark suppressor with other firearms, too.

Best OverallBANISH 22.224.4 oz5.375"$549
Most AffordableSilencerCo Warlock 22.223 oz6"$235
LightestSoLo 22.223.2 oz6"$345
Best Multi-CaliberNosler SR-22ALTi5.569 oz7.533"$759
Best ModularSilencerCo Switchback 22.223.2 oz to 6.4 oz2.72" to 5.76"$539

Top Suppressor Models for the Browning Buck Mark Pistol

There are a ton of suppressors to choose from, and we looked at a variety of factors to put together this list including price, caliber compatibility, overall design, build materials, weight, length, and more.

With all that in mind, here are our top suppressor models for the Browning Buck Mark pistol.

Best Overall: BANISH 22 Banish 22 Suppressor

Great sound suppression ratings, durable titanium construction, light weight, compatible with other calibers, and even rated for full-auto fire, the BANISH 22 was an easy choice for the top spot on this list.

Tests have shown that the BANISH 22 brings sound down to about 120 decibels, which is just 10 decibels more than a BB-gun. Essentially, this is as close to “Hollywood quiet” as you can get. You can even use the BANISH 22 with .22 Hornet, .17HMR, and even 5.7×28.

The BANISH 22 was designed specifically to maximize your time shooting and minimize your time cleaning. Inside the tube are eight baffles that are engineered for a precise fit to keep lead debris and carbon buildup at an absolute minimum. This prevents the debris and buildup from reaching the tube, which causes components to fuse together.

Once disassembled, cleaning couldn’t be simpler: toss the baffles in a tumbler, ultrasonic cleaner, or use good, old-fashioned elbow grease. With indexing lines on each baffle for easy realignment and reassembly, the BANISH 22 is the only rimfire silencer on the market that is user-serviceable from both ends.

It’s ideal for varmint shooting, small game hunting, target practice, and more.


  • Excellent sound suppression ratings
  • Titanium construction makes it durable yet lightweight
  • Compatible with other calibers


  • Overall weight is middle-of-the-road compared to others on the list

BANISH 22 Specs:

  • Caliber: .22
  • Weight: 4.4 oz
  • Diameter: 1″
  • Length: 5.375″
  • Mount Type: Direct Thread
  • Material: Titanium
  • User-Serviceable: Yes
  • Full-Auto Rated: Yes
  • Price: $549

Most Affordable: SilencerCo Warlock 22

Priced at just more than the required $200 tax stamp (and sometimes less when on sale), the SilencerCo Warlock 22 easily takes the “most affordable” spot on our list. It’s also incredibly quiet: tests show a muzzle average of just 114.6 decibels.

The Warlock 22 is specially designed for 22LR calibers and is the perfect first suppressor for someone who doesn’t want to spend a fortune to get into the suppressor world. The Warlock 22 is extremely lightweight, weighing only 3 ounces, owing its light weight to an aluminum tube and aluminum baffles. The design of the Warlock utilizes Click Together Assembly, which allows for easy disassembly and reassembly for ease of cleaning.

The Warlock 22 from SilencerCo is proof positive that quality suppressors don’t have to cost a fortune.


  • Price puts it within reach of shooters in all budgets
  • Sound suppression is fantastic
  • Easy to disassemble, clean, and reassemble


  • Aluminum isn’t as durable as stainless steel or titanium

SilencerCo Warlock 22 Specs:

  • Caliber: .22
  • Weight: 3 oz
  • Diameter: 1″
  • Length: 6″
  • Mount Type: Direct Thread
  • Material: Aluminum
  • User-Serviceable: Yes
  • Full-Auto Rated: No
  • Price: $235

Lightest: SoLo 22 Silencer Central - SoLo 22 DT 1 2 x 28 BLK

OK, so technically the Warlock discussed above is lighter – by 0.2 ounces. However, a suppressor can only occupy one spot on the list, and we figured that the two-tenths of an ounce weight difference wasn’t enough to bump the SoLo 22 out of the lightest category when there’s a $110 price difference between the two.

The SoLo 22 is a high quality .22 LR sound suppressor constructed entirely of aircraft grade aluminum and is anodized matte black. The SoLo 22 can be shot wet or dry and can be disassembled for cleaning with a standard 7mm hex key wrench.


  • Very light weight due to aluminum construction
  • Can be shot wet for extra sound suppression
  • No special tools needed for disassembly and reassembly


  • Rated for .22 LR use only

SoLo 22 Specs:

  • Caliber: .22
  • Weight: 3.2 oz
  • Diameter: 1″
  • Length: 6″
  • Mount Type: Direct Thread
  • Material: Aluminum
  • User-Serviceable: Yes
  • Full-Auto Rated: No
  • Price: $345

Best Multi-Caliber: Nosler SR-22ALTi 22ALTI-BLK

While some of the other suppressors on this list can be used with other calibers, they’re fairly limited. That’s not the case with the Nosler SR-22ALTi. You can safely use it with rifle cartridges up to .223/5.56, making it easy for this suppressor to pull double-duty on both your Buck Mark and your AR-15.

Made entirely from titanium, this suppressor is even full-auto rated, so go ahead and send it! The serialized blast chamber allows for rapid repairs from Nosler in the event of a baffle strike (unlikely, but possible). Nosler doesn’t want anything to slow you down after waiting for your suppressor to be approved, so this multi-caliber can comes with a 1/2×28 adapter and is ready for use out of the box!


  • Much greater multi-caliber compatibility
  • Serialized blast chamber
  • Weighs 3 ounces less than previous version


  • It’s 1.5″ longer than the second-longest suppressor on this list

Nosler SR-22ALTi Specs:

  • Caliber: 5.56
  • Weight: 9 oz
  • Diameter: 1.740″
  • Length: 7.533″
  • Mount Type: Direct Thread
  • Material: Titanium and Aluminum
  • User-Serviceable: No
  • Full-Auto Rated: No
  • Price: $759

Best Modular: SilencerCo Switchback 22

You might not always be using your suppressor on your Browning Buck Mark pistol. As a result, you may want a shorter or longer suppressor depending on what you’re doing. You can do exactly that with this suppressor because unlike the other options on this list, the SilencerCo Switchback 22 is modular in design.

Beyond having three different length options and four possible configurations, baffle orientation also changes the suitability from rifles to pistols. The orientation of the baffles optimizes sound performance for pistols out of the box, but when the baffles are flipped around, the Switchback 22 becomes optimized for rifles. It’s also user-serviceable so shooters can keep it clean and functional for years to come.

If you’re looking for modular design and optimized performance, this is it.


  • Four different configurations
  • Baffles optimized for pistol and rifle use
  • Stainless steel and titanium construction


  • More parts means more potential for misplacing pieces

SilencerCo Switchback 22 Specs:

  • Caliber: .22
  • Weight: 3.2 oz to 6.4 oz
  • Diameter: 1.07″
  • Length: 2.72″ to 5.76″
  • Mount Type: Direct Thread
  • Material: Titanium and Aluminum
  • User-Serviceable: Yes
  • Full-Auto Rated: Yes
  • Price: $539

Buying a Buck Mark Suppressor

We’ve got an entire blog post that goes into great detail about how to buy a suppressor for your Buck Mark pistol – and any other kind of suppressor, for that matter.

Instead of repeating all of that info, here’s the TL;DR version of what it’s like to buy a suppressor from Silencer Central:

  • Find out whether silencers are legal to own in your state. As of right now suppressors are legal to own in 42 of the 50 states.
  • Select the suppressor that’s right for you, whether it’s one of the ones on this list or another one that you like better.
  • Buy your silencer and tax stamp together from us.
  • Let us gather all of the necessary information, handle all of the paperwork, and submit your eForm for you.
  • Let us help you set up a FREE NFA Gun Trust for easy management of your suppressors.
  • Use our eZ-Pay program with no-interest payments to break up your purchase price into installments that you can make while you wait for approval from the ATF.
  • Get your silencer shipped right to your door upon approval – no need to drive to a gun shop and pick it up.

Are Pistol Suppressors Legal?

Yes, pistol suppressors are legal to own. Suppressors are legal in 42 of the 50 states, but there may be some local restrictions, too, so it’s important that you consult all Federal, state, and local regulations before buying a suppressor.

NFA Items & Gun Trusts

Suppressors are considered to be NFA items because they are regulated by the federal government under the National Firearms Act (NFA) of 1934. This means that they are more tightly regulated than “regular” guns and are actually lumped in with short barrel rifles and shotguns, machine guns, and destructive devices.

The NFA also requires you to purchase a $200 tax stamp for each suppressor that you own.

A gun trust allows for shared ownership of a suppressor, which makes it easier for friends and family who are a part of the trust to use the item(s) without you being present.

The trust also makes it quicker and easier for your suppressors to be inherited by the person(s) of your choosing when you die. Without a trust, the process is longer and more complicated.

When you buy from Silencer Central, we’ll set you up with a custom gun trust for free.

How Long Will it Take to Get a Suppressor?

Since none of us have a crystal ball, it’s absolutely impossible to predict exactly how long it will take to get your suppressor.

Wait times for application processing have varied widely with the ATF over the last few years. Thankfully, the reintroduction of eForms has helped speed things up a little bit.

At the time of writing in January 2024, average wait time sits at approximately 200 days. Your approval could come back sooner or it could take a little longer. There’s no way to know for sure.

What Are You Waiting For? Start Shooting Suppressed Today!

The only guaranteed way to shorten your wait time is to buy a suppressor for your Browning Buck Mark today! The longer you wait to buy, the longer you’ll wait to shoot suppressed!

At Silencer Central, we are passionate about every aspect of firearm sound suppression. With more than 15 years’ experience in the industry, we are the nation’s largest silencer dealer, and we’re licensed in all 42 suppressor-legal states. This allows us to sell, process, and ship your new suppressor directly to your front door.

Get started today!