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Why Are Silencers So Expensive? 5 Reasons Why

Why Are Silencers So Expensive? 5 Reasons Why

Why Are Silencers So Expensive?  5 Reasons Why

For many people, the cost of a silencer is a big turn-off. We get it; they aren’t exactly inexpensive. So, why are they so expensive?

That’s a very good – and commonly-asked – question, but the answer to this question isn’t so cut-and-dry. In fact, it’s rather multi-faceted, so we’ll break it down for you.

What Makes Suppressors Expensive

Like any product, there are a wide variety of reasons and circumstances that determine the end price a buyer will pay. Suppressors are no different. While there are certainly more than five reasons why suppressors are expensive, these are definitely some of the bigger ones that impact price.


Different materials command different prices, so right off the bat, you’ll see a price difference based on the materials used. Aluminum is, by far, the most inexpensive suppressor material. Stainless steel comes in next in terms of affordability, and titanium is more expensive than the other two.

The different types of finishes on a suppressor also vary in price. Anodize is the least expensive, followed by Cerakote. The most expensive is PVD. As a result, an aluminum suppressor with an anodized finish will be considerably less expensive than a titanium suppressor with a PVD finish.

Manufacturing Costs

Suppressors require different types of specialized machines to make them, and none are inexpensive. In addition to the cost of the machines, you’ve also got to factor in the types of special tools needed to work with the different materials. Harder materials like titanium require beefier machines and burn through tools faster than aluminum. As the cost of the tools and machines goes up, so does the cost of the suppressors.

Smaller Market

While suppressors are more popular now than ever before, they still make up a very small part of the overall firearms market. Despite the boost in production numbers, silencers are still a niche product. Cost is directly tied to volume, and since suppressors aren’t made on the same scale as semi-auto pistols, they generally cost more per unit to make.


No matter what kind of a smokin’ deal you find on a suppressor, it’s important that you remember that the sales price you see listed isn’t the final price you’re going to pay. You’ve got to factor in taxes – and we’re not just talking about sales tax.

Unfortunately, the price of a silencer is always going to go up by another $200 no matter how much the dealer is charging for it. Thanks to the National Firearms Act of 1934, each and every suppressor purchase must be accompanied by a $200 tax stamp. No exceptions. This extra cost alone is enough to boost some suppressor prices by 20% or more.

Brand Name

Suppressors are no different than any other product in that some brands cost more than others. Sure, part of this is name recognition, but it’s also directly related to the overall quality of the product and the reputation garnered from customers. A suppressor made and sold by a well-known company is going to cost more than one made by some company that no one has ever heard of before.


Benefits of Using a Suppressor

If you’re going to spend a lot of money on something like a suppressor, you want to know that you’re making a good purchase. There are a whole bunch of benefits to using a suppressor that can help make the money you spend worthwhile. We certainly can’t list them all here, but these are three of our favorites.

Less Noise

The whole point of using a suppressor is to bring down the decibel level each and every time a gun is shot. Making less noise while shooting is beneficial if there are a lot of people at the shooting range if you’re out hunting, or simply if you’re trying to do everything possible to preserve your hearing. You only get one pair of ears, making them truly priceless, and remember: hearing aids aren’t cheap, either!

Better Accuracy

An extra benefit of suppressors is that they reduce the felt recoil when a gun is fired. Since there’s less recoil, both you and the gun are moving around less than you would if you were shooting the same gun without a silencer. That reduction in felt recoil and in movement helps you to make a more accurate first shot and faster and more accurate follow-up shots.

More Fun

Shooting suppressed is simply a ton of fun. Seriously, we’ve never met anyone who shot suppressed for the first time and then turned around with a frown on their face. It just makes the entire shooting experience a lot more enjoyable, especially for new shooters of all ages.

Get Top-Quality Suppressors for a Great Price

Thankfully, top-quality suppressors are built to last. For most people, a suppressor is the purchase of a lifetime – literally. A well-built suppressor should outlast its original purchaser and go on to bring joy to a new generation of shooters.

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